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Q: "What assurances do I have regarding the ride transaction?"
A: Our company reputation was built on service excellence and an ethical standard of doing business that is unsurpassed in the ride industry. Since 1973 we have been creating excitement with our rides and have over 1000 satisified customers. In our industry, reputation is everything; we do not take that lightly.

Q: "What condition is the ride equipment in?"
A: All equipment is new and built to your specifications and theme unless otherwise stated. Majestic Manufacturing does on occasion have used rides available. These are listed on our website under "Used Rides"

Q: "How are shipping and delivery of the ride handled?"
A: Generally, rides are sold FOB New Waterford, OH 44445. We do have a select few trucking companies that transport our rides. Please specify if you are interested in having your ride shipped and we will assist with the arrangements.

Q: "Who handles assembly and test-runs rides?"
A: In most cases, specifically with park model rides, disassembly, assembly, loading and test runs are not included in the price of the ride. For an additional fee these arrangements can be made with Majestic and we will provide a trained technician-depending on the ride, location, etc.

Q: "Does Majestic Manufacturing supply rides for rent or lease for short term events?"
A: This is not something we offer as a service. However there are many carnival and amusement rental companies that might be able to accomodate your needs. Some online sources for finding carnivals and rental companies include, and

Q: "Can you send me catalogs, information and pricing on all your ride offerings?"
A: Because our selection continually changes we don't generally send complete catalogs or packages of our rides. Through our website we offer a comprehensive list of all our rides along with specifications on virtually everything. If you would like more details on specific rides we're more than happy to assist you. For our ride offerings we try to post as much information as possible on the site; though if you have questions about specific rides we do often have brochures in e-mailable formats that you can receive very quickly. We do quote prices via telephone and send you quotations via e-mail, fax, mail as necessary.

Q: "Can I come to your office to see the equipment you have listed?"
A: Our rides are always in different stages of progress. If you have a specific ride you are interested in, please feel free to call our company to schedule an appointment.

Q: "I have a ride I'd like to sell. Can you help me find a buyer?"
A: Generally speaking, Majestic Manufacturing does not sell used rides for individuals. On occasion we will take a ride in on trade and then refurbish it and list as a "USED" ride.

Q: "Do you sell individual bumper cars, carousel horses or other vehicles from amusement rides?"
A: Yes we do sell individual bumper cars- such as the Viper, and rarely a carousel horse or two from our private collection. Mainly we manufacture Park and Portable Amusement rides.

Q: "What are the payment terms for Majestic's Rides?"
A: Generally we ask for a deposit with a signed contract and the balance payable before pickup of the equipment from our location.

Q: "I've found a ride I'm interested in purchasing. What do I do next?"
A: Contact us by phone, fax, or e-mail. We will forward a ride purchase contract to you for completion and with the amount of deposit required. Contact Us

Q: "What about financing?"
A: We do not offer direct financing, leasing or renting of equipment. However, we have finance companies that we refer our customers to.

Q: "Ok, I decided to have you build a ride for me. Can I see my ride being built? How do I know it's on schedule?"
A: Majestic knows how important it is to keep the customer informed and updated on the progress of their ride. That is why our customers are able to login through a private portal to our site and see photos of their ride in progress at every stage of production.


We have tried to answer many frequently asked questions above. However, if any questions you may have are not addressed, please contact us in the manner you prefer.

Phone: 1-330-457-2447 or Toll-Free at 1-888-MAJ-RIDES

Fax: 1-330-457-7490


In Person: 4536 State Route 7, New Waterford, OH 44445

By Mail: PO Box 128, New Waterford, OH 44445